Today’s Prayer

Praying for: the prodigals in my neighbohood

Pray for Prodigal
Christ’s Redemption

Scripture: Turn to me and be saved, all you ends of the earth; for I am God, and there is no other. -Isaiah 45:22

Prayer: Lord I pray for the prodigals in my neighbohood. You know them by name, and You know the struggles they are facing today. You know the anxiety and torment of their heart Lord, and You long to bring them into Your loving presence.

I lift them up before Your throne, and I ask for Your mercy to wash over them today. Christ has purchased their peace and freedom, so I present them before You in one hand, and the redemption certificate signed in Christ’s blood in the other hand. the prodigals in my neighbohood stand before You condemned and guilty, but I present to You the evidence of their innocence, the blood of Christ.

On the basis of what Christ has done, I am asking Lord for Your declaration of their release from bondage, and the rejection of all the claims of the accuser. Break the prodigals in my neighbohood free Lord from the power of the evil of one, that keeps them from accepting Your love and redemption. And bring them into the light of Your truth and the peace of Your presence. In Jesus mighty name.

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