Individuals: Revelation for a Leader

Individuals: Revelation for a Leader

Intro: In every people group there are leaders who guide the activities of others. They each have something in them that connects with the God of the universe. Our prayers can focus the attention of the Holy Spirit on one of these leaders today.

Scripture: The LORD reigns, let the nations tremble; he sits enthroned between the cherubim, let the earth shake. -Psalms 99:1

Prayer: God of creation, Your Glory exceeds our understanding. You manage the universe in ways we cannot imagine. Your ways are perfect, and Your love is everlasting.

Lord, I lift up the {TARGET} to You, and I pray for the leaders among them, the ones who have honor and respect among the people. I single out one of these leaders today, Lord and agree with You for his heart to be opened. I bind the demonic spirits that challenge Your authority over his life, and hold back the revelation of Your love.

Pour out extra grace to him today, Lord. Pull back the curtains of deception, and flood His heart with the revelation of who You are. Overshadow him with Your presence Lord, and touch him with the truth of Your love. Draw him near to You Lord, give him eyes to see beyond what he knows. Comfort him with Your peace and reveal to him the Jesus who died for his freedom.