Integrity for {TARGET}

Integrity for {TARGET}

Scripture: Righteousness guards the man of integrity, but wickedness overthrows the sinner. -Proverbs 13:6

Prayer: God of wonder, how awesome are Your deeds! You spread out the stars with Your righteous right hand and fill the seas with creatures of all kinds. You shape the mountains and the valleys, filling the earth with green grass, flowers, and trees. We marvel at the glory of Your creation.

Lord, I ask that You would guard {me,me,us} from temptation. Give {me,me,us} grace to carry out {my,my,our} duties with integrity and respect for those {I,I,we} serve. Lord, You guard the man or woman of integrity, so I ask You to strengthen {my,my,our} resolve to do what is right, so that You can surround {me,me,us} with Your favor like a shield.

Lord, cause compassion to rise in {my,my,our} {heart,heart,hearts} and guide {my,my,our} actions. Send Your Spirit to convict {me,me,us} of wicked thoughts and pluck {my,my,our} feet out of the net. Guide {me,me,us} with Your eye upon {me,me,us}, that {I,I,we} might not give cause for the enemy to gloat. I pray in Your name Jesus, amen.

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