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  1. This is surely going to be an effective tool of and encouragement in the Spirit. God bless you for following His heart.

  2. This is wonderful! God bless you for building this site! May God hear our prayers, & may His perfect will be done!

  3. I am so thankful for Fetch-a-Prayer because it gives me the words I want to pray. I already have in my heart concern for a situation, but somehow do not have desired wording to put it to prayer and knowing that many others are joined in on the prayer.
    I am blessed by the efforts you have put forth to create this website.
    Bless you,
    Ida Mae

  4. I do love it. I think more specific categories might be helpful. I can list a few – death of a loved one; Salvation for someone/family member; peace and blessings to a person/home/business; strength in times of trial; revival in a person/city/state/country; healing of body, soul and spirit; favor; prosperity; traveling mercies; etc…

    All in all – well done! May the Lord bless you and all those involved in all you set your hands to, both coming and going, packed down shaken about and overflowing – in Jesus’ name! Amen

  5. Thank you for this excellent ministry tool which will be always available at whatever time an intercessor is able to go online. I am so glad to see the internet used for such positive purposes. May God be glorified by all the prayers lifted up on this site. I can see the potential for Bible Study groups to utilize this if the leaders are willing. God Bless you!

  6. I think this will be great tool for people who pray around the world. I would like to see a category to pray for Israel. Thank you for all your efforts and may you be richly rewarded by our Father in Heaven.

  7. fetch-a-prayer is truly wonderful – i believe it will bring all people together in prayer throughout the world. i will use this site often. thankyou for all the work that was put into this site.
    god bless

  8. This is truly wonderful. It is so good to be able to be part of a prayer group – brothers and sisters in Christ. Thank you for all the work that you have done to make this possible.

  9. Awesome Kingdom tool!!! God’s powerful promises can be specifically directed as the Holy Spirit leads us….what a blessing to have this means to join with others in prayer for whatever He lays on our hearts.

    Watching and praying for many victories……keep on keeping on.

  10. I DO love it!! Thanks, Wayne and Kathleen, for being the spiritual leaders and directors to God, that you are!! I bless you and your ministries today, in the name of Jesus!

    I used this site for a friend. I also used it to pray for our pastor, Tom, and for myself.

    Thank you again and God bless…

  11. I truly love this is going move mountens in peaple lives ,Knowing how pray GODS word ,for he promise to watch over his word to prefom it.This is a key to answer pray.I used it for my olds son and his wife that under spirital warfare & yougs daughter and her husban that pulled away fromGod because past hurts and greif .Also for my self ,I am over Joyed love to sare this with all I know ,GOD richly bless you all from tx Joyce S

  12. It wonderful,pray GODS word is the key to answer pray,you done a great job .To God be the Glory .IT helps when enemy hits us broud sided an our mind get blankon how to pray for the problen ,I love share this with all I know .Thank you .wow Joyce S

  13. This is a beautiful webb site. The more I use it, I know is will be a blessing. May God cotinue to bless your ministry.

  14. Good morning Wayne,
    I love this new site, I think it will give people an opportunity to share and pray more. Sometimes it is hard to know how to pray over a situation, and being able to read the prayers that are allready here may help to release an annointing that was not there to begin with.

    I can’t wait to see where God is going to be going with this site. Being able to reach out to others and ask for prayer or help is going to make a big difference in peoples lives.

    Keep up the good work team, you are awesome.

  15. Thank you for all the work you all have done to accomplish this site.
    I am awed and amazed. Infact, I am humbled and grateful for the added
    prayer needs site. God Bless you all and thank you again

    God’s Blessings and Love to you all,

  16. i love it, i love it. better than I could even imagine- Praise God and the all of the tech team- i could spend all day here praying for everyone. Thank you and God bless—- I love it and will pass it on

  17. What a wonderful idea. I used Fetch-a-Prayer for a soldier who was injured just yesterday when an IED hit his humvee. I used the link to send to friends and plan to email it so they too can begin to pray. There are many folks who don’t know how to pray. I can see people using this as a teaching tool. I know when I first became a Christian I had no idea how to pray or what to say. It was under the wings of some elder, Godly people at prayer meetings that taught me. This will definitely help those who are not churched. I’m sure it will also be an encouragement to many. Knowing they are being prayed for. I use your Baghdad Prayer Patrol every day as a reminder to pray for our troops. Now I have another avenue to add to my daily prayers. Thanks so much!

  18. Dear Wayne and Kathleen, What a great web site. A month ago our son who was 47 died suddenly while out for a run. He was the second child we have buried. Some days I am unsure how to pray, this site is a help to me as it is full of the Word and I find the comfort I need here. My strength is renewed, restored and the grief is defeated as the Word comes alive for me. I find freedom to continue the day. Soon, I know I will be back to myself, and once again be that watchman on the wall, the prayer warrior I have been for years. This will always be a place for me to run to. I am so glad I have prayed for this site to manifest, and be a light in the darkness. Thanks so much for your hard work. Please know that the Lord puts you on my heart daily and I pray always for His protection and blessing for you.
    With much love in Jesus,

  19. I LOVE IT!!!! Thank you! I will share this site information with my “God Squad” (my church’s prayer ministry)! Thank you so much!!!!!

  20. This is great and I love all the choices. What a wonderful way to start the day with prayer like this. Along with BPP its the frosting on the cake!

  21. This is an incredible gift to those of us who struggle finding God’s right words to pray over a situation! He is watching to perform His word not our opinions so it is critical to connect with the Lord through His word in prayer! Thank you so much for making that so easy! Pray on in confidence and expectation!

  22. this site is absolutely awesome.That God will use it in powerful ways for growth, healing and miracles L have NO DOUBT. it is my plan to use this site for intercession for my city nation the world and personal needs as well

    Well done good and faithful servants who have worked so diligently inspite of the glitches to bring this web site to us. May the Lord bless you all and keep you under the shawdow of His wings.
    Be assured that L will continue to pray for this endeavour

    Blessings in Yeshua
    Noreen Minifie Ottawa Ontario Canada

  23. This is so easy to use and the prayers are awesome- really relevant and effective! I love fetch a prayer!
    Keep up the good work