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Are You Praying for YOUR City?

“Our cities are the keys to winning the world for Christ. They are encumbered by staggering problems and opposed by cosmic forces, yet these vast urban centers hold millions of people whom God loves.” -John Dawson
in Taking Our Cities For God (Amazon)

Today’s Prayer for My City

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  1. I pray for my city. I pray for all the leaders and officials. I pray that the love of Jesus will show in all we do. I pray that we will be come a city of God. A city who helps the poor and needy, who cares for the homeless. Shine you light on our town, so all may know your glory and power. Thank you Jesus, because you first loved us.



  4. Dearest Father, I lift to you the city of Jacksonville and all of NE Florida including Duval, Nassau, Baker, St John’s, Columbia, Clay, and Bradford Counties. Release the wind of your Spirit to bring freedom and deliverance from the bondage of sin throughout this region. Lift up your heads o ye gates of NE Florida. Open wide for the King of glory, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, to come in. Drive out the darkness by sending forth your light and your truth that they may lead us to you Lord Christ. Set the Church free from all our foolish sinfulness and idolatry so that Your Name may be glorified. We love you Jesus. Keep us in eternal life by the power of your Holy Spirit. Amen!!

  5. Father, You said that if we ask anything in the name of Your beloved son Jesus Christ that You will grant us anything we ask. Therefor Father, i ask You this day in the name of Jesus save our country from any economical crisis, from any danger of famine that endangers the world. Be our God provider. In Jesus name i ask. Amen

  6. Holy FATHER,
    Today i’ve decided to bow deepily before YOUR holy throne to give YOU the place YOU deserve: The first place!!!
    The first of YOUR commandements says that YOU’re a jealous GOD and that we shall have nor serve nor bow before other gods. In our personal life GOD and in our country we still have, serve and bow before a lot of other gods. Please forgive us and help us to give YOU that place YOU derserve in our lives.
    If we heed all of YOUR commandements YOU said, You will open the doors of treasure, the heavens, to give the rain in its seasons. Father we’re willingly to do YOUR will to have all of YOUR blessings in our life, but like YOU know the flesh is weak. Therefore Father i ask YOU today to give us YOUR strength, YOUR intelligence to stand against evil, to stand against the temptations in life. In YOUR mighty name LORD and in the name of YOUR beloved son Jesus Christ i take the authority YOU gave to us through the cross to stand against and bind and cast out every other unworthless god in our life, in our family, in our city, in our community and in our country by the name of Jesus. I call upon the blood of Jesus to speak in our home, in our family,in our city,in our community and in our country. Please purch and sanatize our homes and our countries.
    And i ask FATHER to release YOUR holy spirit of ressurection upon us all. May YOUR spirit of ressurection breath life into the prayer life of us all, breath life into the prayer life of the churches in all countries and in all nations. May YOUR spirit of ressurection breath love for YOU in our hearths by the name of Jesus.
    And LORD please release YOUR blessings upon us and dispatch YOUR angels to bring those blessings to us without any hindrance.
    I thank YOU FATHER for giving answer to our prayers. I bless YOU, ABBA FATHER, for YOU are worthy to be blessed. No other god is worthy of our blessings.
    In Jesus’ name i prayed. Amen


  8. Father, You alone know the level of wickedness and deprivation in Santa Barbara. California is reeling from wicked choices which have deeply affected everyone in the state and throughout our nation. Please send forth your mercy and by your kindness lead us to repentance in Santa Barbara and in all of California. Let us become leaders in righteousness rather than wickedness. Let us be known throughout the world as those who love the Lord Almighty. Come and make yourself known to the students who love to party. Raise up the revived generation to lead their contemporaries into your blessed kingdom. Have your way here dear Father and be glorified in Santa Barbara and throughout California. In the mighty, loving and powerful name of Jesus before whom the whole earth will bow.

  9. Lord, we thank you for who you are: the Lord and Creator of heaven and Earth and the whole universe!!
    I pray for the great city of New Delhi and the National Capital Region of India. I pray that the eyes of the people will be opened to behold the beauty of the Lord!
    I also pray for protection for people of this city from any evil attacks and violence, especially as the city is about to host the Commonwealth Games..I seek your forgiveness, grace and protection!
    In Jesus Name,

  10. Lord, we thank you for who you are: the Lord and Creator of heaven and Earth and the whole universe!!
    I pray for the great city of New Delhi and the National Capital Region of India. We pray that the eyes of the people will be opened to behold the beauty of the Lord!
    I also pray for protection for people of this city from any evil attacks and violence, especially as the city is about to host the Commonwealth Games..
    We seek your forgiveness, grace and protection!
    In Jesus Name,

  11. Lord, We love you and know You love us. We ask for forgiveness from the evil you see be done in our city of Lawndale. We ask that you will bring the leaders to the knowledge of You, bless the pastors of the City and give them wisdom to carry out their mission. Awake your people to reach out to the neighbors, including me. Thank you God for your grace and mercy.
    In Jesus Name, Amen

  12. Precious Heavenly Father, As I agree with the saints prayers and their petitions Lord God I just ask that you will move in Franklin, Massachussetts and through out the New England region Lord we need a move of your Spirit like never before do a new thing Lord that has NOT been SEEN before Like you alone can do. Father I thank you for stopping the oil spill even though the natural man can see it and think that they did it themselves but we recognize your handiwork which is right on time before the tropical depression arrived on July 23, Father thank you for keeping our country safe and secure and as we pray for these that are in authority we/I thank you for your Peace that surpasses all understanding Lord God I get it that there are those that are not taking their rightful place in You Lord God YOU ARE THE HOUND OF HEAVEN GO AFTER THEM AND GET THEM LORD.

  13. Dear Jesus,
    I am lifting up the cities of the United States of America to you this day. Lord, I pray for all city governments, laws of the land, the judicial system to be lead by the Hand of God. Lord I declare and decree the USA is one nation under God, we were founded by men & women seeking a land where they could worship YOU. Father, with all our faults, we still remain dependent upon YOU. We can’t make it in freedom as we have known it in the past, without Your help.
    Lord bless industry, hospitals, the police departments, firefighters, food store chains, parks departments, townships, mayors, the Red Cross, schools and all of the needs to operate a city.
    Thank you for water, electricity and gas which we have for our use as we have need. Thank you for prosperity and thank you for blessing the works of Your Hand.
    Thank you for Love, Peace and Joy everlasting. Thank you for Calvary. In Jesus Name.

  14. Father, you know all about the Gulf oil spill and we agree that you are the only one who can fix this mess. We repent on behalf of our communities that have put greed above seeking your Kingdom. Forgive us for the idols we have established in our city and our region. Cleanse us of all unrighteousness and heal our land. May revival break out during this trial for your honor and your glory. In the mighty name of Jesus. AMEN

  15. Although I don’t live in Israel I still want to put Israel and the problems she is facing into our Father’s hand. Lord God bless your beloved Israel & keep her enemies at bay, build in her wisdom upon wisdom through your people in government, synagogues & churches & help her in the ever increasing challenges that she faces. God in your sons precious name, Jesus I ask for peace for Israel & help & protection. Amen

  16. Father, thank you that we have a great heritage here on the Gulf Coast but the religious spirits have overtaken us. Open the eyes of your people to see that we can be sons and daughters in Your Kingdom and wherever we stand declaring your Word that the demonstration of your plan, purpose, and power can happen. Shine your light of truth and wake up your people so that our lights will shine like a city on a hill and then we can share your love with all those around us who are perishing for lack of knowledge. We need a fresh anointing of your love so that it will overflow us in the highways and byways. It is our heart to see many come into the Kingdom and be set free, in Jesus’ name. amen

  17. Dear Lord Jesus,
    I lift up Seneca, SC to you today. Lord, I pray you would cause your plans and purpose for Seneca to be stirred in our hearts. Lord, I pray you would move in this city. Lord, move among the poor and needy. Lord, teach us to love those that do not know you. Lord, let your compassion for them be in us that we would go in your Name. Let us be your hands and feet and heart and eyes in this city. Lord, cause us your people to be responsive to your call in this city, I pray, in Jesus’ name. amen

  18. Father God, I lift up Baconton, Ga. to you. I ask in Jesus name that you touch heal, deliver and set free those that are in bondage of drugs, sexual impurity, alochol, pronagraphy, adultry, fornication, sickness, disease and all affilictions this day in Jesus name. Now I thank you for the move of the Holy Ghost to do what you have sent him to do. We in Baconton give you praise glory and honor for what your doing, what you have done, and what you are continuing to do for this city in Jesus name. Use us to be a shining light for you in the city in Jesus name.


  19. Father, I lift up Fremont CA to your throne asking for mercy & grace. You know that originally we were to have the name ‘Mission Valley.’ May we once again fulfill the early calling to be a mission outreach city. May those who have never heard of you have the chance to learn of your great love and of your righteousness. I lift up our leaders asking that you would speak to their hearts of sin, righteousness and judgment. Have mercy on us, Lord. Wake us up to do your will.

  20. Heavenly Father, on this our National Day of Prayer, I praise you and thank you for the Christians here in Bakersfield, especially those who participated in public prayer today. May it be a testimony to unbelievers that we have a God to whom we can turn with confidence in these troubled times. Help us to be salt and light and faithfully pray for the unsaved in our city. We pray that Jesus would be Lord over Bakersfield. Help us to do our part. We lift up all the many problems in this city and ask you in your mercy to give wisdom and integrity to those in authority. Bless our pastors with annointed preaching that challenges us to serve you obediently and wholeheartedly. Help us to recognize opportunities to share the gospel. May your will be done in Bakersfield. In Jesus’ name. Amen

  21. Dear lord I lift San Bernardin Ca up to you, this city is in need of a great healing Lord, I pray your will over the leaders of San Bernardino and blessing to all who live there. Lord I know you see the drug use and all that goes with it is out of control. lord impose your will on theose of us that are willing to take your word to the streets and offer your way to salvation though your Son Jesus Christ. We need any army here Lord to teach your ways and sing your praise.I pray this in the name of your son Jesus Christ. Amen

  22. Lord God we implore that you moved powerfully in Jersey City and that the sleeping and slumbered condition of God’s people will be able to sense the urgency of these season that you are looking for someone to stand in the gap between God and men so as this city be covered and partake of the coming Mighty Empowerment Visitation of the Holy Spirit as the many Apostolic, Prophetic and Intercessors are calling for a Big Wave of BulletProof Train Holy Spirit Fire to visit us globally. May I be a part of your servants that will heed to your calling. I stand and repent and ask for forgiveness in behalf of the many filipino leaders and churches who more focus on so many ministry activities and programs but are so ineffective and so lukewarm after hearing the Sunday preaching of the Word of God for 2 hours because of too many media, arts and entertainment being accepted in 6 complete days after work hours or vice versa rather than making priority to reach the lost souls and calling for fasting and intercession and praying on times to be spent in parties and feasting. I call you Oh God Almighty in the Name above all name where all knees shall vow and all tongues will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. Let the Mighty outpouring of the Presence of the Holy Spirit be felt i all christian churches, in public place, in work place here in Jersey City and make this city “JESUS CITY” for your glory, praise and honor. Amen and Amen. Hallelujah!!!

  23. Lord, Let Pottstown & this region be filled with the knowledge of Your Glory as the water covers the sea! Let everything that has breath in Pottstown & this region praise You Lord! Open the floodgates of Heaven & let it rain down righteousness on this area; the Heaven-born possibilities that originate in Your Holy Being! Send revival & pour Your Spirit on Pottstown & this whole area! You are the Mighty One, Master of Everything, Beautiful King, & the Lover of our souls. You are able to do above & beyond what we could ask or think or even imagine!

  24. Father, In Jesus’ name, I take authority over every evil and dark place in our city. We declare that the Name above all names will be exalted in Orange Beach, Gulf Shores, and Foley, AL. We decree that the sons and daughters of God will unite and stand together to see this land cleansed and restored to its God-given purpose. Thank you Father for the precious blood of the Lamb which makes it possible to call you Father. Fill your servants with great boldness to radically love and preach the Good News in the highways and byways to every one who has an ear to hear. We command every evil spirit that has unbelievers bound to depart and for a window of freedom so they may see the Lord high and lifted up. May our cities be a place of refuge for God’s people and a place where others may find eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord.

  25. Lord, We want to lift up Jesus in our city of Concord. Worthy is the Lamb to receive power,and riches, and wisdom, and might, and glory and honor and blessing1 Deliver us from the evil one, lift the oppression, heal the sin sick. and give Your children the joy of the Lord as our strength. Fill our churches that teach Your truth with Believers and seekers. Cleanse away false teachings, immorality,and drugs and alcohol, and lying and cheating and stealing and all sorts of unrighteousness. Cleanse our City of Unbelief in the true and living Savior, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Exalt the Lord our God and worship at His footstool. Holy is He.