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  2. This ministry to Kathleen and Julia and Jessica is awesome. I am grateful I can lift them up in prayer along with many others.

  3. This ministry to Kathleen and Julia and Jessica is a blessing. I am grateful I can lift them up in prayer with awesome prayers in the name of Jesus Christ and He hears each one of us. May they be blessed this day as I prayed…

  4. The fetch a prayer wiget in the old way is very meaningful to me. I have trouble finding it still. Thank you for it. I got lost in where to copy and paste the way to it.

  5. I don’t use this prayer site nearly as much as I used to use it because I cant find the prayers the way I used to find them. I’m not sure why the format changed, but I want it the way it was. I found the prayers very meaningful to pray when I needed help. thank you. It used to be such a blessing for me. I didn’t care if often the prayers were repetitive. If they were meaningful to me, I felt God heard me pray them and answered me.

  6. I love this ministry! It leads me in to intercession & is a great way not for forget anything. I love and adore the Lord and thank Him for the privilege of be connected to all of you. May He keep you and protect and prosper everything you do or say…May a powerful anointing continue to increase on you lives…
    All things are possible with the Lord! Nothing is too hard for Him and all things and people have been created by Him for His and our pleasure! Shalom with much love, Elizabeth!

  7. I often tell people about the Prayer Central ministry. I’ve even mentioned the website although I don’t visit it as much as I should. Everytime I log on I am blessed. This site, this ministry, the folks behind the scenes and Kathleen are awesome!! Thank you!!

  8. I have learned to pray through Fetch a prayer for my son Christopher. I just want to thank the Lord Jesus Christ for the vision that He showed me for Chris. Chris got saves this past Sunday. Through trusting in God and prayers and also standing on the vision God has shown me, my son has accepted Christ as his Savior.
    To God be the glory.

    Thank you

  9. when i found this site my son was in afghanistan as a combat soldier… i love the prayers that i can pray for the troops, for my children, for myself and for all .. i have shared this on my facebook several times and have told people about it. i receive great encouragement and wonderful prayers. thank you

  10. Fetch a prayer is awesome, I found by surfing for a widget to put on our ministry website. I believe prayer is vital to our walk as born again believers. Since my walk with Christ in 1976 he has mandated that I pray without ceasing so I am thankful for your sight and so thankful that I can share on our website. So grateful to be able to print out prayers and share with others. May you continually be blessed in all your endeavors.

  11. The focus that I have needed to be be the prayer warrior that God has called me to be has been a long time coming. Thank you Kathleen, for your devotion and perseverance, for your words have been the crucial “assist” that has been needed. The timeliness of WOW could only be Holy Spirit inspired! As you continue your travels I ask the Father to bless and protect you and your family; ” no weapon formed against you shall prosper.” I praise Him for the host of angels He has sent to war and minister to you all. May financial provision be made ready at each stop along the way. Also, I stand in agreement with you as a mom, Godly mates are being prepared for your daughters. Thank you for your sacrifice. May I be your sister in endeavors by standing with you in these times and I love you.

  12. I have used Fetch a Prayer for a long time and I love it. I often send the prayers on to the people I pray for. Very good for encouragement. Thank you for providing this excellent prayer resource.

  13. I love fetch a prayer. So many times I have been encouraged by the prayers, and it has taught me to pray more effectively. . Many times I have sent a devotional to someone who I felt it would encourage. Also I have posted on facebook, and one lady from my church loves it and is now using the sight. I also have gleaned from the teachings. I praise God for the sight, and may God richly bless you Kathleen for,sharing with us that which you have learned.m Thank you.

  14. I love fetch a prayer I use it often to pray
    myself and others I was looking for another prayer site thank God I found fetch a prayer. thank you.

  15. I love this sight. So many times God speaks to me, and I use it often to pray for my pastor and others, including myself. I love the picture. like the one today, denoting God’s protection. Keep up the good work’

  16. I agree in prayer for everyone praying today,there is so much in the power of prayer,I thank God for allowing me to come to him in prayer.

  17. Absolutely wonderful. I thank God for this site. It is a God sent for me. Keeps me focus on what matters most, prayer!