Praying for the Troops


Please join with us today in praying for the soldiers who sacrifice so much to serve their country and protect the security and freedoms that we enjoy.

Let’s be careful to watch over them in prayer as they watch over us. They are doing their part to stand against the enemies of freedom and oppression. We must do our part to confront the spirtual assaults against them.

Be sure to remember their leaders, and their families back home.

Today’s Prayer for the Troops

After you agree with today’s prayer, come back to this page and leave your prayer below.

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  1. Heavenly Father, watch over our troops deployed, be with our troops stationed around the world, comfort those at Fort Hood where we lost 9 young men recently and be with their families. Lord our troops battle another ruthless enemy in PTSD. Father help us to help them with the love of Christ and give them hope as in Romans 15:13. Lord help us! Amen

  2. Lord, I ask for prayer warriors to pray for our troops deployed and for prayer warriors for the families at home. Lord, we need to pray for them daily and please don’t let us forget to pray for our veterans. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

  3. Lord, watch over our troops deployed. Protect them from the enemy Lord and protect their hearts as they trust in You for hope. Lord, watch over all of our military personnel and give comfort to their families. Lord, bless our veterans with abundance and comfort them as needed. Heal their bodies and give them hope.

  4. Lord, I pray for our men and women who put themselves in harm’s way to give us freedom and safety in this world. May you honor their willingness to lay down their lives for others. Keep them safe. Help them to put their trust in you and know that whom the Son makes free is free indeed. I pray that you would save those that are lost, for it is not your desire that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and everlasting life. Watch over the families and be a comfort and source of strength to them during deployments and separations. Supply all of their needs, according to your riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Bless these men and women and their families, in Jesus’ Name!

  5. Father God
    I pray for our troop who are on the battle field
    for our safety .And Lord God i pray that you will keep yours angel
    guard around around them 24/7 Lord for Lord you said in your word that you know the plans you have toward us plans to propser us and not to harm us plans to give us hope and a furture. Father God our troops are in line with your word Lord protect them and keep them safe and there family who they cant hold at this time send peace to every family represented by your men’s and woman’s.
    In Jesus Name

  6. Father, I come before you today in the precious name of Jesus. I thank you for the privilege to enter your throne room through the blood of Jesus. I thank you for our troops today, and I ask that you do for them what only you can do. As there are forces against our military, our chaplains, even coming from our own government, we pray that you override all these weapons formed against them. I pray that your Holy Spirit hovers over them, and that they will know your peace and protection. Let there be a revival amongst our troops, that they may know you. I pray that you give divine direction to officers and those that hold positions of authority. Provide escapes from death and give them strength for the battle. Heal there minds and spirits, as they see so much heartache. They need you Lord Jesus. Even bring dreams and visions as you are pouring out your Spirit on them. We know none of this is too hard for you, so I ask that you triumph over their lives. I ask this in Jesus name, and that you will be glorified!

  7. Father, God, thank you for the troops that are all over the world. Thank you for their commitment to serve the United States of America and to help all people in the countries they serve. Protect them. Thank you for providing for them a relationship with you through the death of your son, Jesus Christ, on the cross for their sins. May they say “YES” to you, Lord God and receive your forgiveness, your love,your Holy Spirit, all the promises of scripture including life everlasting with you as they become followers of Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit. Bring salvation, revival, renewal across the troops wherever they are serving. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. and AMEN.

  8. FATHER please protect our troops bless them as you give them courage to stand up against the evil that Isis is inflicting on people, Lord take care of their families while they are away, please Father help our leaders to know what they are doing in their involvement in Ukraine,LORD troubles are all around us and we need you, please Lord forgive us the United States of America for our wrong and fight for us. FATHER I give you all the honor and glory in Jesus name amen.

  9. Dear Heavenly Father, I come boldly and humbly to your throne of mercy this morning, bring our troop to you. I ask that your Holy Spirit hovers over them. Father, give them dreams and visions, and draw them unto yourself. I ask that you place a hedge of protection over them. Keep them from fear And out of harm’s way. May they have divine revelations of your love. Minister to their needs this day, and may their officers have your wisdom on how to handle each situation they encounter this day. Provide escapes from death, I pray in Jesus precious and holy name, Amen. And Imthank you for what you are doing for them.

  10. Pray Psalm 91 over our troops including my nephew, Mark, with the Air Force in the Middle East.

  11. Prayer for Tyler Hendrick… Afghanistan
    Prayer for Tyler Davidson….Marines on ship near N.Korea

  12. Heavenly Father, you know the needs of our soldiers, each and everyone.

    Let them know You are very near and care for each, uplift them, give them that peace that passes understanding, that they are loved and protected by you and all who are praying for their safety. Amen

  13. Lord we thank you so very much for your presence in our lives and in the lives of our soldiers and their families who are believers. We lift them up to You today and pray that You build a hedge of thorns around them and around all of our soldiers. Many times in Israel’s history You led them into battle and enabled the Israelites to be victorious. And so we call upon You today Lord, to do the very same thing for our troops and our allied forces wherever they are engaged in physical and spiritual battles around the world; but most especially in the Middle East. We know through Your prophetic Word what catastrophic event is in store for Israel and the Arab nations. We humbly acknowledge that we cannot do anything without You. And so we call upon You to give our political leaders the wisdom and the discernment to withdraw our troops before it is too late. We love You so very much Lord, and we thank You in advance for Your intervention. For it is in You holy name we pray. Amen.

  14. Father, protect our troops deployed, watch over them, give them Your strength, let them know that You live in their hearts and that Your angels surround them. Lord, give the families at home hope, knowing You are with their loved ones. In Your Son’s precious name, Amen

  15. Lord we plead the blood of Jesus over our armed forces, The soldiers appointed for such a time as this! We declare they are the army of God and their war is not just physical! Lord show them the spiritual battle as well so they know that they know what they are really fighting. Reveal to them that You are a shield about them, how You are a Mighty, Victorious Warrior! Show them the path to take physically for victory and safety, both physically and spiritually Lord. Give them dreams and visions and revelation of things to come, things to prepare for, for Your glory and their safety in every area! Thank You, Father. In Jesus name, Amen.

  16. Yes Lord…You ae Holty and loving ..longsuffering not willing that anyone should parish.
    We bring before Your throne today the troops that are fighting for freedom for their countries and for other countries..Send You grace, mercy, salvation, deliverance, and love to them all.
    In Yeshusa’s Name we pray.
    amen and amen

  17. Father watch over our brave soilders…save them from dispair and fear.
    Protect them from harm and bring them home safe. Bless and increase the
    faith of them and their families.
    amen and amen

  18. Father of love, compassion & longsuffering and protection..we ask that you reveal Yourself to our troops that put their lives on the line…guide them, protect them, heal and save them Lord.
    We give You thanks for hearing our prayer.

  19. YES Lord we lift up our troops and those of other countries that stand for justice and peace.
    Guide, gurard them…keep the close to You Lord.
    Save them, heal and deliver them from the trauma of war.
    Thank You Father,
    amen and amen

  20. First prayer anrewsed with a resounding, YES! Thank You, Lord! Thank You that You chose to protect Jo Anna and Abigail (Lyle may need Your protection too, after the poop comment). Father we expect a miracle but accept Your perfect will for tomorrow. May we say Thank You in advance for the grace we know You have ready for tomorrow and the next day and the next!. Lord, I pray as the early disciples prayed in Acts 4:29-30, Now, Lord, consider their threats and enable your servants to speak your word with great boldness. Stretch out your hand to heal and perform miraculous signs and wonders through the name of your holy servant Jesus.” We beg You for a miracle. Enable us to confess our sins and be empty of self, fill us with Your Holy Spirit as we pray for a miracle.

  21. Father of lights shine Your light into the hearts of our troops wherever they may be …guard, lead, and protect them today Lord.
    Show Yourself strong on their behalf.
    Lord heal, deliver, and save those who are wounded …give the mighty miracles today.
    Love on them as only You can.
    Give their families peace and salvation today..
    Let them know their hope is in You.
    in the Name that is above all names

  22. Dear Heavenly Father, I come humbly before you today into your throne room of mercy, and I cry out for mercy for my grandson and all the troops that are serving our country. May you be their refuge and strength and their ever present help in the time of trouble, cause them to look up to you, and honor your name. May your mercy and lovingkindness follow them today wherever they go. And we pray a hedge of protection around them. I pray that your Holy Spirit breathes over them, and they may feel a sense of your protection and safety. I pray these things in the precious and Holy name of Jesus.I pray for an extra measure of faith to accompany them this day. Amen