Praying for My City


Are You Praying for YOUR City?

“Our cities are the keys to winning the world for Christ. They are encumbered by staggering problems and opposed by cosmic forces, yet these vast urban centers hold millions of people whom God loves.” -John Dawson
in Taking Our Cities For God (Amazon)

Today’s Prayer for My City

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  5. Father God, I lift up Ulaanbaatar to you and ask that you would shine the light of your truth brightly here through your children. Purify your church here, Lord. Please reprove or remove all false teachers and bring men of integrity who walk truly and humbly with you to lead this church. Have mercy on the people who are walking in the darkness or fear under shamanism and Buddhism. Shine your light of truth and open their eyes. Cause your children to be bold to share the gospel fully and clearly for all to hear. I ask that you would remove men of greed and corruption from office here, and allow the county to experience the goodness of your ways of righteousness. In our Lord and Savior I ask these things. Amen

  6. Dear Heavenly Father, I pray today for the Chippewa Valley. I lift the name of Jesus over this area. I pray that you create a hunger and thirst for your righteousnes in this area. I pray for a spirit of prayer and supplication to fall on your Christians. Breath of God, breath on us. I thank you for your merrcy and grace. Restore broken members of the body of Christ, and may we live a life pleasing to you. We need your strength, courage, love, discretion, and understanding in these times. May our hearts not turn cold, but may be recipients of your great love and mercy. I pray these things in Jesus’ Name. Revive us for your Name’s sake. Thank you Precious Lord. I love you and desperately need you.

  7. Holy Spirit I welcome You into my community. Have your way. As I prayed for my neighborhood I am standing on your word the Bible and upon my faith I join with others in agreement for these souls to be saved. May I see tangible evidence manifested from my tears, prayers and concerns for these souls in Jesus precious name. Amen.

  8. Please pray for Philomath and Corvallis Oregon for the gospel to be preached and for people to evangelize with. I need a place to worship, to serve and to fellowship. The strongholds of unbelief, religion, tradition and possessiveness must go and in its place belief, personal relationships with Jesus Christ, Bible based practices and teaching and freedom to serve and use ones gifts and talents and love for Christ without legalize and control.
    May those established in ministry let others serve also and may they encourage it and work alongside with all believers. In Jesus’ Name I pray Amen.

  9. Lord I pray for my city Beaumont. I pray for the leaders of our city that they
    Would be guided by your Holy Spirit in their
    Decisions. That they would be protected. May they be humble and kind to others.

    I pray that there no corruption in government and that
    They have Godly ways. May they have wisdom in all they do.
    I pray for the families in this city to be stable and financially secure
    I pray for increase in business that businesses would find our area to be the
    Perfect spot to grow. Bring peace to projects. Save our city.
    Bring Godly leadership to this city. Decrease crime. Make it a happy
    Place where families feel safe. Thank you Jesus for our city. In Jesus mighty name.

  10. Lord thank you for what you’ve already done, Jesus there is so much crime,murders, car jacking, in the big cities like the one I’m in,Father you are the only one that can fix it.I pray for the race device that’s in the world today,let us remember that you created all race’s and you love all of us,help man to see that all life matters, please protect us Lord and please teach me to do thy will in Jesus name I pray amen.

  11. Lord I lift up the city of detroit to you,Lord I don’t want to seem self righteous,but they have just permitted same sex marriage in this state,Lord your word is definitely against it and according to your word it shouldn’t happen ,as a people we are already struggling in this city, please have mercy on this city and the Country,Lord I pray that they will put prayer back in our schools,our children are murdering each other at a alarming rate,Lord only you can touch the hearts of men and lead us back to you.I love you LORD and I thank you for what you’ve already done,I praise you almighty God my blessed Saviour in the name of Jesus I pray amen.

  12. Lord you have seen the conditions of Detroit, please grant us your mercies and kindness and heal the people of this great city,father God people are being murdered seems like every other day mother’s killing their babies,kids killing each other,children killing their parents,all matter of evil,father God you are the only one that can fix it.Jesus you said we have not because we ask not well I am asking that you soften the hearts of the people in the city of detroit including mine sweet Jesus.Lord please show them you can’t solve a problem with guns.Lord please hear my prayers my precious Father and I give you praise and glory my everlasting saviour in Jesus name amen

  13. Dear Heavenly Father we cry out for the Chippewa Valley. We pray that your Holy Spirit would hover over this area. That you would breathe new life into our lives and into our chrches. We pray that dead churches would become alive, and that their would be a mighty move of God in our midst. Father, your kindness leads us to repentance, so with love will you draw us back to our first love, and cause our hearts to burn with your desires. We pray that you declare your sovereignty over this Chippewa Valley. Bring unity whre there is divisiveness, where you command a blessing. We thank you and praise you for what you are already doing, for your great compassion and long-suffering amongst us. May the name of Jesus be exalted over this area and our whole nation once again. Thnk you an we bless your Holy Name.

  14. Father Jehovah Jire, please bless my city MANADO to be the source of peace for every people who live here.

  15. Father in Heaven holy is Your Name…we lift Your name over our city…we cry out for revival in the church’s. Salvation, healng and deliverance. May the leaders preach the whole truth of the Bible.
    Pour Your Holy Spirit out and cause us all to fall on our face’s.
    We love You and we know You love the people in this city. So come in great power and give us all a supernatural experience that will turn our lives around.
    in Jesus name,
    amen and amen

  16. Dear Lord, thank you for bringing so many into your kingdom here. We ask that you would bless your children with great love and boldness; to love our neighbors and both live out and speak the gospel clearly. Purify you people here in Colorado Springs. Root out sin, and self-deception, to make us those who shine brightly. Open the eyes and hearts of thousands here to discern good from evil, truth form error, and come to you. For your honor and glory, and our good. We praise you and thank you for your amazing grace upon this city. Through Jesus who is risen and overcome. Amen.

  17. Father in heaven, we pray and ask thee that multitudes here in this city of Winston-Salem, NC,would hear You calling them unto salvation through Your Son Jesus. Send forth Your servants here to proclaim salvation once again while there is still time to hear. Father have mercy upon many here in Jesus’ name we ask Amen.