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Are You Praying for YOUR City?

“Our cities are the keys to winning the world for Christ. They are encumbered by staggering problems and opposed by cosmic forces, yet these vast urban centers hold millions of people whom God loves.” -John Dawson
in Taking Our Cities For God (Amazon)

Today’s Prayer for My City

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  1. oh lord jesus i pray for my city delhi.i ask for your forgiveness for my peple.lord you ar mercy apon them.thenk you jesus.

  2. Dear Heavenly Father, I approach your throne room of mercy today in the mighty name of Jesus, the name above all other names. I ask you to pour out your Spirit on Eau Claire, on our judges, on our city council, in our schools, we ask for a great awakening in this city. God arise and let our enemies be scattered. I declare your Lordship over our city, and I ask that you raise up a standard against the enemy of our souls. I pray for our youth, that you would bring hope. All hope comes from you, and help us to understand them,(the youth, e.i.) and be not weary in loving them, as You have loved us. We need you to stretch forth your hand, and do miracles, as so many are sick, oppressed, and lost. We cry out to you, the living God, the God who created us for your glory. Visit us Father, in your mercy and your grace,. I pray these things in Jesus name, and for your name’s sake. Amen

  3. Oh wonderful it is Lord when Your church dwell together in unity. You alone Lord know everything and control everything in Heaven and on earth.

    1st day I cone into prayer for the city in long long time and I see a prayer by a brother we share two special countries, mine South Africa and our family in DR Congo since 1994.

    Lord you know our desires to see DRC out of this circle of pain. Your Name is above any other name and in such, believing in and asking in it, we know we shall see release of this wonderful nation, into your peaceful Arm.

    Yes I bring our nation South Africa and especially my city Johannesburg to the the altar of God. Remember it once more oh Lord. Relieve it of entanglements in racial tensions and irresponsibilities by any leadership. Return it to Your first love in Jesus Name amen.

    Holy Spirit fall upon Johannesburg and Kinshasa specifically at this moment Amen


    AND REMEMBER SOUTH AFRICA, MY SECOND LAND (where you sent me for missionary work since 2001). LET THIS LAND BE LEAD BY YOU FOR YOUR GLORY


  5. Lord, I lift up Santa Barbara to you. People exclaim how beautiful it is, but it is deception. The enemy governs here. Lord, you know how many Followers of Christ live here. Cause us to rise up and take back our city from the grip of the enemy that it can be as lovely as it appears. Let your light shine here. Strengthen your people to pray and let your light shine in all we do. Let your peace prevail where there is violence. Today, as there has been a shooting in my area, I pray especially for the neighbors to cry out to you for peace , protection and power to overcome through you. Send healing and help to those involved, to the victims and to the police. Let your kingdom come. We are weary of this world…not our home and long for heaven. Send forth your Word to save the lost, to elect righteous leaders, to inspire believers to great faith, to end the killing of the unborn . Thank you for your kindness, long suffering and grace. In Jesus mighty name who gives us the powerful weapons of the Spirit to overcome, amen.

  6. Father God, in the name of Jesus let all your children in this city (Washington, DC) and across this nation look up and remember our help comes from God above. Let us take every opportunity and favor from GOD to witness to The Lost the Good News, the gospel of Jesus Christ. Let us be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might. Lord, let the Lost in this city open their eyes to see their need for a savior. Let their hearts be made pliable to receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Let them seek your kingdom and your righteousness above all else. Lord, heal the sick, mend the broken hearted and set the captives free from bondage to drugs, alcohol,sex, violence, and worry. Let your name be high and lifted up throughout the nation, especially in congress and the white house. amen

  7. Lord I am praying for the city of Philadelphia to stop the violence. Every day there is a murder in the city. Cops are being killed or shot
    at. Kids are being killed from drive by shootings or there in the way of
    fire arms. This nonsense has got to stop. I am pleading with the gangsters to stop the violence.

  8. LORD up over this city today…we trust You and ask that You move in a mighty way to save the lost and bring comfort to those who need Your comfort.
    we ask for the lost in this city…for You to open their eyes and ears to You and to say yes Lord.
    Bless the belivers today and give them hope and assurance.
    we thank You Father and Bless Your Holy Name.
    In Yesuha’s Name we pray,

  9. O Lord, let righteous reign down in my city and every city in the USA!
    Have mercy on us and forgive us for not speaking up against the sin and
    terrible things all around us. As my pastor said this morning ” Our world is going to hell in a hand basket and what are we doing to stop it?
    Please, O most gracious God, visit us once again and stir us to pray and
    fast until we see things turn around. Visit us with Your Presence, Peace,and Power! Amen

  10. Lord we glorify You today and lift You high. For You are Holy and awesome in all of Your ways.
    Protect the people of this city today…from the government down to the families…Open their eyes to see You and let Your word runs swiftly ….
    Heal, save & deliver this town.

    Heal the sick and raise them up to praise You..guard and draw the young people to Yourself.
    be with the elderly and let them feel Your presence.
    feed the hungry and give them stength. Give those a job who want to work…
    bring Your blessings on them today.

  11. King of Kings, Lord of Lords, be who You are over my city. We need you, and love you. Surround the evil doers with hedges of thornes, and oppen doors of opportunity for Your Word in the lives of the people in this city. May we who have your blessed hope in us share Jesus, the Hope of the World. Grant your favor to your followers here, make us alert to the opportunities that you give us. Open doors for the gospel, the good news, so that many may come here to salvation in Jesus Christ. Shine, Jesus, Shine!

  12. Lord of Lord, King of Kings how we praise You today for the work You are doing in our city…We lift You High today over this city. We say You are the Lord, full of compassion, healing, understanding for all the hurting. Come in power and open the eyes of the people to see Your glory.
    Break through and bring signs and wonders.
    Save the lost, heal the sick, deliver Your people.
    We give You praise and thanksgiving today.

  13. Elizabeth :
    Father in Heaven there is no one like our God…thank you for revealing Your heart for this city…
    We praise You for who You are…Your ways are higher than ours..we thank and give You praise for revealing You love for the poor and needy..
    thank You for sending Your angels to protect & guide Your pastors today…may the living Word of God go forth this day and save, heal and deliver them.
    May Your Name be high and lifted up here and in our nations capital today…
    all praise and glory to Your Holy Name.

    What a wonderful blessing to see what GOD will do ( by faith ) and WHO God is by reading the Word of God and having an intimate, personal relationship with HIM. HIS will be done ! HIS kingdom come ! ALL for HIS glory and His purpose upon this earth and everywhere else !!

  14. Father in Heaven there is no one like our God…thank you for revealing Your heart for this city…

    We praise You for who You are…Your ways are higher than ours..we thank and give You praise for revealing You love for the poor and needy..

    thank You for sending Your angels to protect & guide Your pastors today…may the living Word of God go forth this day and save, heal and deliver them.

    May Your Name be high and lifted up here and in our nations capital today…
    all praise and glory to Your Holy Name.

  15. I rejoiced and my heart wept as I agreed with Lisa, Susans, and other’s prayers for our cities. Father, You Who are awesome and great in all things seen and unseen – pour out Your Spirit upon our cities to bring change the hearts of all. May Your kingdom come, and Your will be done in the USA. Unless You build the house and guard the city, all our noise and talk and efforts will come to nothing or very little. Forgive us all, me as well, fr trusting in money, our work, our “idols” and trusing in You, the Maker of heaven and earth. Bring low the prideful men and women who use others in an attempt to secure their own fortune or sense of security. We know You see it all and all will give account to You for what they have done and have not done in accordance to Your divine will and Holy Word. Again, Jesus, You are the answer to our nation’s plight, condition, and downward spiral. Rain down, Holt Spirit, Rain down today and all this month to bring not only wayward children into Your fold, but put bread on their tables and employment in their lives once again. You are faithful, when I am not. You will receive all the glory for what only You can do, Mighty God ! We put the jobless into Your caring hands of provision – and You are and always will be Jehovah Jireh !!! Glory to You oh God — Glory to You !! Thank You, Heavenly Father, Lord Jesus, and Holy Spirit.

  16. Precious heavenly Father, we come to you in that mighty name of Jesus, and we proclaim your Lordship over this city. We are asking for a unity among believers, and a fresh anointing, on oursleves and our pastors, God we know that we don’t deserve it, but we are asking for your mercy and grace to be poured out on us. And we thank you for all that you have done for us and our families, protecting them in such a dangerous time, but you are so much bigger than all the darkness around us. Expand our vision and the vision of our pastors and children. I pray especially for our schools, and I say, “God arise, and let your enemies be scattered”, we want to take the schools back for you. Go before us and make crooked paths straight and help us to hear your voice behind us, saying, “This is the way, walk ye in it”. Father, in your mercy, send a Spirit of repentance to our churches and upon us, that we will have a Godly sorrow for our sins. Breath over Eau Claire and the Chippewa Valley with the breath of God and make a way where there seems to be no way. Increase our faith and direct our hearts into your love. We are looking to you for a mighty outpouring of the Spirit. Your Word says, that we should ask for the latter rain, and we ask for it, and you promised a refreshing rain when the congregation is weary, and we ask for that rain. Now we thank you Father, in Jesus. And teach us to be still and know that YOU are God! Amen

  17. Abba You are Holy Holy Holy..You are glorious in all of Your ways…Your ways are higher than our. We trust You today and always Lord. We proclaim that Jesus Christ is Lord over our city.

    Your heart is that all will be saved, healed and delivered…
    Today we pray for the Pastors in this city all the way into Chicago..that they will be on fire with love for You..
    open the heavens and send Holy Spirit to fall on there hearts and those 7 those who attend their churches. Do what You do best & bless them and this city.

    We pray for the government and police department. Hear our cry and bring them all salvation. We pray for the young people to see You and understand with all wisdom and revelation who You are…give them the knowledge of Your will for their lives..

    Lord we thank You that You always hear and answer our prayers…We bless You today Father.
    amen and amen

  18. Our Father, which art in heaven. I come to You in Jesus’ name.You are such an awesome God,full of grace and mercy,longsuffering,patient,and kind to us. Iconfess my sins to you for i have sinned and fallen short of your glory and i am sorry. thank You for forgiving me and cleansing me from all unrighteousness. thank you for life eternal,thank You for watching over us constantly,thank you for never leaving us or forsaking us,for Your daily provisions, i thank You! Our Father, i confess the sins of our city for they are many. i thank You that You have put up with us for so long. You have been our refuge and defender in times of trouble, our Redeemer, our Light in dark places,our Bread when we were hungry,and our Water when we were thirsty. and i say thank You! Father, continue to pour out Your blessings upon us. draw us closer to You, teach us Your way oh Lord and lead us in aplain path because of th enemy. cause us to hunger and thirst after righteousness. in Jesus’ name.Amen.

  19. Dear Father,
    I come to you this day and beg your mercies uponour city and its’ surrounding communities and smaller towns. It seems as though drugs are killing so many of our young men and women, our jails are overcrowded, our legal system and law enforcement agencies are corrupt. No one will DO anything about it but complain. They all need Jesus so desperately. I pray for them, but I will admit that sometimes I get so angry it is hard for me to do. One of our smaller towns is the meth capitol of the world. Nothing has been done to stop it and we have a state task force. Someone on my dime is making money off of our childrens deaths.I ask you Holy Father to intervene, to give us some honest men and women dedicated to getting drugs off of our streets, people to become more concerned, for them not to stand in their rightiousness and look down on these poor souls, but to at least to have enough compassion to pray for the Salvation of their souls.I beg of you to spare their lives and to send someone or something that would touch their heart and begin to convict their souls and that they may go to your House and be saved. My own son is struggling with drug addiction and I don’t think people realize how hard it is for parents NOT to enable their children, NOT to give them money or a place to live, to try and let them hit their rock bottom.I prat sweet Jesus that you would spare them and give us, their families the wisdom and advice we need to do Your Will concerning them, and comfort from the great pain it brings us. I pray that this could somehow be ridden from our country, it is one of the greatest tools the Devil has,and it is working, I pray that you push him out of our communities and help us rid our cities and communities of this killer amongst us.
    In Your Most Holy and Precious Name I ask these things, Jesus my Lord, Amen

  20. Lord of all….I pray for our city and that of Chicago….we say Jesus Christ is Lord over these cities…

    Cleanse the heart of Your church and pour out Your Holy Spirit for healing revival. Send forth Your light & truth …show us Your compassion, mercy and love Lord!
    We repent for the sin of abortion and for the sins of our country…send revival Lord!
    We believe John 10:10…
    We love You Abba and trust in Your answer to our hearts cry today…
    amen and amen

  21. Father i lift before you Colorado Springs and Tampa we cry out for an awakening in your people that apathy and complacency, the spirit of stupr and slumber would be broken off. Arise and shine for the Light has come and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you..let your glory come to covict of sin in the church and give us a heart of true repentance that Your word would be fulfilled in 2. CHron. 7:14 that if My people would humble themselves and prayer and seek Your face and TURN from our wicked ways You would hear from heaven and heal our land. God we have sinned and deliver us from envy and jealousy. We declare that we need a Psalm 51 heart cleansing because you said that ‘then sinners would be converted to you’ God we have missed it so long, purify our hearts and cause us to walk in humility and the fear of the Lord once again we cry to you over this in weeping mourning and brokeness, have Mercy on us

  22. Lord, I apply the cleansing blood of Jesus, the salt, the oil and His finished work on the cross to our defiled lands, the time and the atmosphere brought upon Your people by sin and that You would restore and cleanse and make new every place in our lives that has been broken or made barren and bring in a mighty harvest as You blow Your wind through Basking Ridge. Restore to us the years that the locusts have eaten that the threshing floors will be full of wheat and the vats shall overflow with new wine and oil.
    Thank You that we will not be ashamed because God, You have dealt wonderfully with us, that You are in the midst of Basking Ridge, and that You are the LORD our God. All praises to You Yahweh Rapha our healer! Lord, send revival to Basking Ridge just as You did years ago, do it again Lord!! Breathe Your breath of life into those dry old bones and cause them to awaken. Lord, I ask you for Basking Ridge as my inheritence, that Jesus be glorified in Basking Ridge! Bless this city of Basking Ridge with every blessing You have in Your storehouse oh God! All praises and glory and honor unto you and I thank You ahead of time. In Jesus name, amen.

  23. Father i pray that you would pour out your Holy Spirit over Merseyside, that would lead to conviction of sin, righteousness, and judgment, according to your word, John 16;8, that would lead to repentance and salvation. That Jesus would be worshiped over Merseyside. AMEN

  24. Heavenly Father, I came before your throne of grace and commit the people of my city, Bangalore (INDIA) to your mighty hands, Lord your are the prince of peace, Everlasting Father and you have compassion on poor and needy. Jesus, send your angels to guard us and guide us, there are many people in my city who has not got salvation and they are Idolaters let your eyes search for those who are peace makers, who are willing to do good I commit them right now, may be I do not know who they are but there is nothing hidden from your sight. Lord, you have come to this earth to give us life, you became poor to make us rich, you made yourself low to give us the seat of Kings and Saints and you have taken the crown of thrones on your head to give us the crown of eternity and shed your blood…… there is none like you father. manifest your unfailing love and release holy spirit to rest upon our people. Lord you are going to meet my people in dreams and visions and reveal yourself wherever it is tough for me to reach. Lord today at least one people should get to know about you in my city, I beg you with tears for the salvation of one soul today. I give all thanks to you for doing so….. thank you Father for hearing my prayers in JESUS MATCHLESS NAME I PRAY….. AMEN AMEN