Ride the Heavens

Ride the Heavens

Scripture: There is none like the God of Jeshurun, Who rides the heavens to your help, And through the skies in His majesty. -Deuteronomy 33:26

Prayer: Lord, You are the God who never changes, You are the Alpha and Omega, the One who created all things both seen and unseen. The universe is Your song and You have written every note.

Lord, I bring {TARGET} before Your glorious throne, and I hold {THEIR} needs out before You. I call on You today Lord as the God who rides the heavens to come to {TARGET}’s aid. Drive anxiety and fear from {THEIR} {heart,heart,hearts} and let {THEM} hear the sound of Your trumpet in {THEIR} ears.

Like the coming of the cavalry, Lord ride the heavens today and rescue {TARGET} from {THEIR} concerns. Be the deliverer {THEY} {needs,needs,need} today Lord and glorify Your name once again.

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