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What others are saying:

This is a great way to know how to pray for Joe and Linda as well as all the missionaries that we pray for daily. I have always loved using God’s word to pray for his servants. -LC

What a wonderful resource, and beautifully written prayers, certainly given by the work of the Holy Spirit. Praying for these people also sparked a fire in me for this day here in the USA. -TA

Great website. I love the personalized prayers for both missionaries and unreached people groups. -LW

Awesome Kingdom tool!!! God’s powerful promises can be specifically directed as the Holy Spirit leads us….what a blessing to have this means to join with others in prayer for whatever He lays on our hearts. -JS

Good incorporation of the scriptures, anointed prayer fuel. -KS

I love it, I love it. Better than I could even imagine- Praise God and the all of the tech team- I could spend all day here praying for everyone. Thank you and God bless—- I love it and will pass it on -MS

With guidelines from you I find my prayers getting more exciting and interesting. Thank you so much. May our Lord Jesus be glorified thru your ministry. -LB

This is an incredible gift to those of us who struggle finding God’s right words to pray over a situation… Thank you so much for making that so easy! Pray on in confidence and expectation! -LA

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